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28 March 2012 @ 01:52 am
Another update, and yet another setback  
Hey guys, so I know I told you I'd be starting a new Sims 3 legacy when my boyfriend got a new graphics card...Well, he DID get one, but he needs a better power supply so yes, I still can't play. :'c School is still busy also, anyway. On a good note though, I found my Sims 2 games and installed them onto my laptop, and it's amazing XD It just took me awhile to get used to the controls and everything again. :P I was thinking about starting a BACC, but idk the rules and I can't find them anywhere. If someone could point me in the direction of them, I'd be forever grateful ~ <3
Something non-sims related, I decided to straighten my real hair for the first time in about a half a year, and I'm very happy with how much it's grown. There's still less hair on one side, but with how it grew, it just looks like I cut it that way. I'm so happy that my hair is growing in differently than it used to be. My hair used to be super curly and just hard to manage, but it's growing in wavy/straight and a bit easier to handle~ :3
Here's a picture with my actual hair:

My boyfriend (well, fiance') let me take pictures with him again. FINALLY. He's not one for taking pictures often xD So, I can show you his face, hehe~

Anyways, I hope to have some actual sim related posts up soon! <3
Thanks for reading all of this if you did :3!
Current Mood: draineddrained
carisma_senseicarisma_sensei on March 28th, 2012 10:21 am (UTC)
I think I found it! BACC rules. I don't think it's the original, but that seems hard to find since everyone's made their own modifications. Anyway, that should be what you are looking for :3

I would like to go back to sims 2 too... I'm not too interested in sims 3 (who would have told this, with a new EP and all lol) at the moment so... the BACC sounds like fun!
apayo_xapayo_x on March 28th, 2012 12:18 pm (UTC)
Wah~ thank you so much! :3 And I mean, any type of BACC rules would have done as long as I can skim through it and get the gist of it, ya know? XD

I know, I installed the sims 3 on my moms computer and even got showtime (I didn't even have any problems playing!) and it was just....so boring to me for some reason ;o !