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05 October 2012 @ 07:23 am
MMO: Jacquet / Bluewater Village  
Hello~ and long time no see guys. I have an excuse! My boyfriend and I had to move, and for the LONGEST time we had no internet at all. We recently got internet in August, but I've been caught up with school. I also decided to re-do my game and make it maxis-match. And man, I've been missing out! My game runs so smooth now~ So, seeing the Uberhood things, it made me want to do that since the BACC was a complete bust for me.... I downloaded meetme2theriver's templates and whatnot...but idk if I did it right...If not, I will just figure it out and you won't ever notice ahah. By the way! I will also be starting a legacy with voleste's Cassie that she uploaded as part of pixel_trade's founder submission post. ^^ So you'll see updates from that! Let's see if I can do it all...

Anyway, I wanted to be different~ and start with a 'hood most people don't start out with (that I noticed). And that was Bluewater Village. And to tell you the truth, I don't have a set thing to this...I just chose randomly. Whoever I chose to do makeovers first will be who I'll start with when I actually play. Hopefully you get what I mean, cause I'm bad at explaining things! D: OKAY SORRY FOR RAMBLING. HERE'S THE JACQUETS!

I didn't really think there was a point in uploading before's since everyone pretty much knows what the families looked like before so..

Denise Jacquet - Virgo, Fortune. Turn Ons: Cologne and Fatness. Turn Off: Swim Wear

Gilbert Jacquet - Libra, Romance. Turn Ons: Glasses and Makeup. Turn Off: Fatness

Now for the house house~

(OOPS lol, over sharpened on accident~)

(Also , I suck at decorating..and usually NEVER use anything like pictures, flowers, clocks, hangings, etc...)

I didn't take a picture of the bathrooms for obvious reasons :P

Hopefully I'll do well. And hopefully you guys like it! I'm so used to Sims 3 and the works of that and how it looks, etc. So I have trouble taking photos in Sims 2 still...Maybe I'll improve :3!

I'm not sure which family is next, so stay tuned~ c;
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